The List View Designer helps you add and edit List Views. The List View Designer works with Document Libraries, Forms, and Backing Lists. All List Views in the app have different views which display the available items within that particular Business Entity. 

The following options are available at the bottom of the list which allow for user configuration:

  • Edit List View
  • Add New List View

While any User has the permission to use these options in order to create a new personal List View, only User with the List View Designer Role are able to create public List Views for everyone to see. Users can copy an existing List View and edit that List accordingly, or if they have the List View Designer Role a user can publish over the default List View for all Users to see. 

Accessing List View Designer 

All Users can create personal List Views with just columns they would like to see. Users with the List View Designer Role can create Public List Views for all Users to see and can replace an existing List View. In order to access the Lists View Designer:

  1. Select the Document Library, Form, or Backing List
  2. Click the Form View drop down field
  3. Select Edit List View or Add New List View to Create a New List View

Designer Comments 

Users have the ability to view comment history when editing the List Views. When this feature has been enabled, it allows users to keep track of published changes. To view the history of published changes:

  • Click View History

Please contact Support to enable the appropriate Site Settings.