PREREQUISITE: You must have System Administration permissions to access the Navigation Designer. 

The Navigation Designer help you add icons for the different types of navigation options within EHS Insight. At this time, only the Simple Navigation and Kiosk Navigation options are available. 

The Navigation Designer gives users the ability to add Simple and Kiosk icons. These icons determine the screen layout and how a user navigates around EHS Insight. Currently, icons can also be rearranged by drag/drop and edited directly in the editor. 

Accessing the Navigation Designer

  1. Select Administration from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select Navigation (Home / Administration / Designer)
  3. Select your Navigation option (Simple Navigation, Kiosk Navigation)

From the Navigation screen, users can add links by clicking Add Link, rearrange icons, edit each link by clicking the pencil icon, or delete a link by clicking the icon.

Announcements, Content and My Tasks can be enabled by selecting them under Additional Panels

NOTE: My Tasks is not available on Kiosks. Links available on Navigation pages are still determined by permissions.

Navigation Modes

In order to change your Navigation Mode:

  1. Select your Profile Name from the Dashboard and click My Profile
  2. From the Profile > Navigation Mode section, click Change
  3. Select your Navigation Mode
  4. Click Save

Once your site has had the opportunity to refresh, you'll notice the different layout. Represented in the example below is the Simple Navigation Mode. The screen and icon layout is set according to the Simple Navigation option within the Navigation Designer.