Use the following process to get started with the Stormwater Discharge Monitoring module. 

System Prerequisites

PREREQUISITES: You must have System Administration permissions to complete these tasks.

  1. Verify you have Business Hierarchy established (Administration / Business Hierarchy)
  2. Verify you have a complete Position List (Administration / List Data / Position) 
  3. Verify you have all User and Contacts uploaded and assigned to the proper Business Entity and Position (Administration / Users and Contacts)

Stormwater Discharge Monitoring Prerequisites

Verify that Stormwater-related lists are complete. Some lists will be pre-populated by the system but it is recommended that you review the values and make changes that best meet your organization's needs. Lists can be found via Administration / List Data.

NOTE: Some of the Lists below will require your site to have particular site settings enabled.

List NameDescription
Stormwater Discharge LocationList of Stormwater Discharge Locations.
Stormwater Nature of DischargeList of Stormwater Discharge Types.
Stormwater Parameter BenchmarkList of Stormwater Parameters.
Stormwater Benchmark SourceList of Stormwater Benchmarks sources.

Stormwater Nature of Discharge

This List defines where the stormwater originates from. The list is pre-loaded with two options:

  • Rainfall
  • Snowmelt

Stormwater Benchmark Source

This List captures any regulatory agencies which define the benchmarks to compare your results to. For example - "EPA", your regulatory state agency like "TCEQ", but it can also be an "Internal" source.

Stormwater Parameter Benchmark

This List captures parameters (or pollutants) for which your samples are analyzed (e.g., Total Suspended Solids, Oil and grease, pH, heavy metals) along with the benchmarks they will be measured against.

NOTE: If pH is one of the parameters that you need to test for as part of your Stormwater Monitoring process, you will need to create two separate items in the parameter benchmark list - one for "acidic" and one for "basic" pH.

Stormwater Discharge Location

This List includes locations where stormwater exits the facility property. This includes any pipes, ditches, and other structures that transport stormwater. Each discharge location will be:

  • Assigned a parent Business Entity
  • Assigned default benchmarks for parameters typically tested at a specific location (optional)

Recording a Stormwater Event

In order to record a stormwater event:

NOTE: Some of the options below will require your site to have particular site settings enabled.

  1. From the Navigation Toolbar select "Stormwater Monitoring."
  2. Select the "Record a Stormwater Event" button.
  3. Proceed to fill out the Stormwater Session details and storm event information.
  4. Determine whether pH Testing is required during the sampling event. If it is, enter any required details (method and equipment used, etc.).
  5. Add one or more samples (Discharge Locations available for selection are filtered based on the selected Business Entity).
  6. Collect data about each sample.
  7. Select parameters tested, enter Analysis Results and evaluate against pre-defined benchmarks.