The QR Codes and Links Designer facilitates the creation and management of QR codes and direct links within EHS Insight. This feature addresses the need for users to submit any form within the system, such as Work Observations, Near Misses, Incidents, and Inspections. 


QR codes can be set up with a direct link to any form. For example, a QR code can contain a direct link to an Audit form that has been pre-populated with information like Business Entity and an Asset. These links can be set up to access a Dashboard, a set of records (Form, Document Library, SDS Dashboard, and Reports), or to submit a form.


Key Highlights

  • QR Code Management - The ability for Administrators to set up and manage QR Codes & Direct Links, directing users to specific areas of EHS Insight
  • QR Code Printing - The ability to print the QR codes for easy scanning, directing users to specific areas of EHS Insight.
  • QR Code Scanning - The camera app can be used to scan QR codes, which will launch the EHS Insight mobile app or browser automatically.
  • QR Code Form submission - The capability to designate any form for submission.


Accessing QR Codes and Links Designer

PREREQUISITE: Users must have "System Administration - Designer > QR Codes and Links Designer Role" enabled to access QR Codes and Links Designer. 

  1. Select Administration from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select QR Codes and Links (Home / Administration / QR Codes and Links)  



Creating QR Codes and Links

In order to create a QR code and link:

  1. Navigate to QR Codes and Links 
  2. Select Add QR Code/Link
  3. Fill out the required fields

A white background with black lines

Description automatically generated


  1. Choose the Link Type from the drop-down list 

NOTE: If Add a Form, Document, or List is selected, additional fields will be prompted.

  1. Choose Submission preferences from the available options:
    Users - Only people with an active EHS Insight account can submit via this QR Code or Link.
    Anyone - Anyone with access to the QR Code or Link can submit.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

NOTE: The submission option "Anyone" for anonymous submission will require your site to have particular site settings enabled. Contact EHS Insight Support to enable the site settings. 

  1. Fill out the Default Values 

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

NOTE: This section allows you to select specific details for the QR Code/Link being generated, such as the Business Entity, and also the ability to select sections that should prevent editing by the submitter.

  1. Select the Save button 

QR Codes and Link List 

Once the QR Code has been generated, it will appear in the QR Codes and Links Designer list, as shown in the image below.

Printing/sharing the QR Code 

In order to print/share the QR Code:

  1. Select the View/Print QR Code hyperlink 
  2. Make the desired adjustments to the Layout, Caption, and Font
    NOTE: The Print Layout offers 100+ Avery Label options to choose from, including full-page Letter and A4 formats, ensuring compatibility with various printing requirements.

  3. Choose Print, Download, or Copy to Clipboard options:
    Print - Will print the QR code according to the layout, caption, and Font that was previously selected. 
    Download - This will download an image of the QR code that can be easily shared or saved on your device. 
    Copy to Clipboard - This will allow you to easily transfer the QR code into a document or share it by copying the QR code. 


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