The QR Codes Anonymous Submission feature empowers individuals without direct access to EHS Insight to submit any form within the system, such as Work Observations, Incident Events, and Audits & Inspections. This functionality not only enhances engagement in safety processes but also streamlines the management of contractors and visitors. By utilizing the QR Code Designer feature and selecting the 'Anyone' submission option, users can facilitate anonymous submissions seamlessly.



Key Features

  • Ability to configure QR codes & links to allow for form submission by anyone with access to that code or link.
  • Default form values and restrict editing, providing control over the data entered by anonymous submitters.
  • Allows submission for individuals without login to EHS Insight, enhancing accessibility and streamlining the process.
  • Access to reporting by employees without an EHS Insight user account.
  • Facilitates participation in safety processes.

How to set up an Anonymous Submission QR Code

In order to set up an anonymous submission QR code:

  1. Navigate to QR Codes and Links Designer
  2. Select 'Anyone' from the Submission Available optionsA screenshot of a computer 
Description automatically generated 
    NOTE: The ‘Anyone’ option allows anonymous users to submit in a restricted submit-only/anonymous browser session. 

  3. Customize and Lock the default values from editing
    NOTE: This action allows the targeting of specific details and the type of submissions to be captured.
  4. Select the Save button 

Printing/sharing the QR Code 

In order to print/share the QR Code:

  1. Select the View/Print QR Code hyperlink from the QR Codes and Links Designer list view page
  2. Make the desired adjustments to the Layout, Caption, and Font
    NOTE: The Print Layout offers 100+ Avery Label options to choose from, including full-page Letter and A4 formats, ensuring compatibility with various printing requirements.

  3. Choose Print, Download, or Copy to Clipboard options:
    Print - Will print the QR code according to the layout, caption, and Font that was previously selected. 
    Download - This will download an image of the QR code that can be easily shared or saved on your device. 
    Copy to Clipboard - This will allow you to easily transfer the QR code into a document or share it by copying the QR code. 

Scanning an Anonymous Submission QR Code

When Scanning an Anonymous Submission QR Code:

  1. Open the smartphone's or tablet's camera app to scan the QR code.
  2. Upon scanning the QR code, the form will open in a browser window without login in a submit-only anonymous mode.
  3. The form will open with certain fields pre-filled and locked from editing 
  4. Complete and submit the form.
  5. The form will be added as a record and processed in the form-defined workflow and it will be included in reports.
    NOTE: The Workflow history for forms submitted in anonymous mode will display “Anonymous” as the user who submitted the form 

Limitations and Considerations

  • To Revoke a QR Code/Link, simply delete it by selecting the delete button. 
  • Notice that anyone with the link URL or QR Code to submit a form will be able to see all fields within the form. 
    This includes ‘person’ picker fields that search across your list of Users and Contacts and the corresponding employee details. 
  • Form fields that require a selection of a person from the User and Contacts will still apply to anonymous forms. 
  • Anonymous submitters lose access to the form once submitted, and there is no option to save a draft in anonymous mode.


Site Settings

Site Settings can be enabled or disabled to show or hide various components.



 Anonymous Form Submission

Enable Anonymous Form Submission via QR Code and Link Designer.



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