The Business Intelligence (BI) Module, Power BI Connector, is designed to facilitate easy and efficient integration between EHS Insight and Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Power BI and Excel. This integration enables continuous live data feeds for up-to-date analytics and reporting.

The BI connector simplifies the connection process, enabling both BI User and BI Developer roles. BI User access allows users to connect using their existing permissions, facilitating intuitive data exploration beyond standard reports. The BI Developer role offers users unrestricted access to all EHS Insight data, empowering them to build customized dashboards and delve into raw data. Both options offer the same easy-to-use UI to quickly establish a connection. 

Key Features  

  • Seamless Integration, Power BI Connector allows users to connect to BI tools without the need for extensive API documentation or manual URL crafting. 
  • Establishes live connections, ensuring data in Power BI is always current and does not require repeated exports. 
  • Offers two Distinct User Roles: BI Users access data with personal credentials, while BI Developers use a site API key for unrestricted data access. 
  • Versatile Data Access: Users can connect to pre-computed reports with built-in formulas for immediate analysis or access raw data from forms, lists, or document libraries for customized analyses requiring data modeling expertise. 


User Types 

BI User 

Users can be granted the BI User role which allows them to explore data in EHS Insight secured by their personal credentials to create data connections and access data, maintaining the same security and access restrictions as within EHS Insight. They will only have access to the data they are authorized to see within EHS Insight. 

Use Case 

  • Exploring and analyzing EHS Insight data beyond what is available in standard reports. 


  • Can create personal data connections with BI tools. 
  • Data access is limited to their existing security permissions, ensuring they can only access data they are authorized to view. 
  • Suitable for users who need to analyze data within the scope of their roles and responsibilities. 


BI Developer 

Users (IT and Data professionals) can also be granted the BI Developer role, which allows connection to EHS Insight using an API Key. This provides access to all data in the system. This role has the option to use a site API key for unrestricted data access, suitable for designing company-wide dashboards and portals without personal credential usage.  

Use Case 

  • Building company-wide dashboards with live data feeds or conducting in-depth data analysis.


  • Can create personal or shared data connections with BI tools. 
  • Requires a Site API key for unrestricted access to all data within the system. 
  • Suitable for developers who need to work with comprehensive datasets and create advanced visualizations and reports. 
  • Must have the "System Administration – Site Owner" role to generate API keys. 

NOTE: Requires “System Administration – Site Owner” role to generate API keys. 

My BI Dashboard 

The BI Dashboard is accessible through the Site Ribbon or by selecting Administration from the Navigation Menu and navigating to Business Intelligence under the Site Owner panel.  


Recommendations - A list of Reports that can be marked as recommended to BI users via the Report Designer. 

Reports - Access to Reports for easy, pre-computed data. A quick way to pull data into Power BI. 

Forms, Document Libraries, and Lists - Access to Forms, Document Libraries, and Lists for advanced raw data connections. Requires familiarity with data modeling and relationships. 

Help - The Help panel offers guidance tailored for BI Users and BI Developers. 

Actions - A Link to Show Personal Access Token and to Reset Personal Access Token. 

NOTE: Currently, the My BI dashboard is not available on the mobile app or small device displays. 

Configuring the BI Connection

Configuring BI Connections through EHS Insight's Business Intelligence Module provides an easy-to-use process to seamlessly integrate EHS Insight's data with BI tools like Power BI and Excel.  

Select a Source: 

  • Choose from a Report Form, List, or Document Library on the My BI Dashboard. 

Settings Options: 

  • Language: Controls language for multi-language supported fields. 
  • Parameters: Mirrors available report parameters. 
  • Authentication: URL Embedded for quick setup; Basic Authentication requires a Personal Access Token. 

Setup Connection: 

  • Copy the provided URL. 
  • Follow the instructions to set up the connection in Power BI or Excel. 
  • Data access will be constrained based on user security permissions. 
  • Establishing the connection provides a live data feed for continuous updates. 

NOTE: Resetting the Personal Access Token will break current BI tool connections. Edit the connections to change the access token or regenerate the URL. 

Site Settings 

Site Settings can be enabled or disabled to show or hide various components of a form. 

Site Setting 


BI (Business Intelligence) Connector 

Enable the BI (Business Intelligence) Connector. 

 My BI (Business Intelligence) 

Enable My BI roles and dashboard. 

Additional Resources 

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