My BI Dashboard allows access to data necessary for configuring the BI connection. It contains a set of panels tailored to the type of user roles assigned. 


Accessing the My BI Dashboard

PREREQUISITE: Users must have the "My BI (Business Intelligence) "Site Settings" enabled to access My BI Dashboard. 

In order to access the My BI Dashboard: 

  1. Select the Display Name (Full Name) from the Site Ribbon
  2. Select My BI, or
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  1. Select Administration from the Navigation Menu 
  2. Select Business Intelligence under the Site Owner panel
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  1. Recommendations - A list of Reports that can be marked as recommended to BI users via the Report Designer.
  2. Reports - Access to Reports for easy, pre-computed data. A quick way to pull data into Power BI.
  3. Forms, Document Libraries, and Lists - Access to Forms, Document Libraries, and Lists for advanced raw data connections. Requires familiarity with data modeling and relationships.
  4. Help - The Help panel offers guidance tailored for BI Users and BI Developers.
  5. Actions - A Link to Show Personal Access Token and to Reset Personal Access Token.A screenshot of a computer

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NOTE: Currently, the My BI Dashboard is not available on the mobile app or small device displays.

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